Here are the six things that will help you to get and stay strong.

The first two are awesome tools that I couldn’t live without. They’re also way more fun and effective than a big clunky set of free weights at the gym.

The last three are books that will help you take your game to the next level.


2-Handed Kettlebell

A 2-handed kettlebell is the only weight I own. I actually sold all of my old dumbbells a few years back and have never regretted it. With a kettlebell you can do both standard resistance training along with more advanced exercises that will give you awesome conditioning.

Doorway Pull Up Bar

Using your own bodyweight to get strong is the easiest way to get fit and contrary to popular belief it’s all you really need. With a simple pull up bar on your door frame you can build serious strength throughout your upper body from the comfort of home.


The TRX is not as good as a pull up bar but it’s great when you’re getting started as your feet are still on the ground. Honestly, though, once you get stronger you’ll never use it again. The real benefit of the TRX is how easy it is to pack up and use anywhere if you travel a lot.


Simple and Sinister

Simple and Sinister by Pavel Tsatsouline is a workout protocol with kettlebells that forms the foundation of my fitness. I still do it twice a week like clockwork even though my other calisthenics training is always changing and evolving.

Supple Leopard

Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett is pretty much the bible for increasing mobility and using correct form when working out. It’s a tough read but if you have any aches or pains it can really help you get ironed out.

Paleo Principles

Sarah Ballantyne did an awesome job shifting through all of the evidence out there and writing the most scientific book on ancestral eating you’ll find. Not only is it backed up with more research than any other book of its kind it also has tons of recipes and meal plans for those just getting started with the world of Paleo. Definitely my favorite nutrition book out there.