Ancestral eating, or the “Paleo diet” as it’s more commonly known, is pretty much the greatest thing that’s happened to nutrition in the past few thousand years or so.

It’s a way of eating that attempts to emulate the same way that human beings ate for several hundreds of thousands of years before the agricultural revolution.

It focuses on eating lots of fresh naturally grown fruits and vegetables along with ample quantities of protein and healthy fats. It also strongly advises you to stay away from grains as our ancestors ate very small amounts of these quickly digested carbohydrates.

Because of this ancestral eating is often described as a low-carb diet but in fact it has no problem with carbohydrates; only the fast burning kinds that spike your blood sugar or can cause intestinal distress such as wheat.

Instead, the Paleo diet has its adherents getting their carbohydrates from plentiful quantities of vegetables along with starchier tubers such as yams, sweet potatoes, and squash.

Below I’ve placed a link for you to my delicious menu of filling and very satisfying Paleo recipes. Take a look through them and you’ll be amazed how fast you’ll be living it up Paleo style!

Paleo Recipes