Dips are one of the best upper body exercises you can do but at first it can seem awkward when you’re trying to figure out how to do them at home.

Buying a dip station can be a big investment for a piece of equipment which will only ever be used for one exercise and can take up quite a bit of space in your living room.

That’s why today I’m going to show you how to do dips at home without a dip bar.

By following these four methods you can be sure that you don’t skip this terrific exercise just because you don’t have the equipment.

Dips are also a perfect exercise to do at home because they fit naturally into any calisthenics or body weight based workout method.

Dips are also the natural exercise to go to when push-ups have become too easy.

Dips target the same muscle groups as a push-up, mainly the chest and triceps, but use your whole bodyweight instead of having you balanced on your toes.

4 Ways To Do Dips At Home:

How to do Dips at Home Without a Dip Bar

1) Use Two Sturdy Chairs

The easiest way to do dips at home is to use two strong chairs.

Just place them between you with the backs towards you.

Again, make sure that the chairs you’re using are good and solid.

You don’t want them snapping on you half way through your routine.

Also, make sure that the surface of the floor you’ve placed the chairs on isn’t too slippery or make sure there are rubber pads on the bottom of the chairs to keep them from sliding around while you’re working out.

Once you’re all set up go ahead and grip the backs of the chairs and hoist yourself up.

If the chairs feel steady then you’ve just created your own home dip station!

2) Use A Counter And A Step Ladder Or Small Table

How to do Dips at Home Without a Dip BarIf you don’t have any solid wood chairs around your home you can still do dips.

Just place one hand on your kitchen counter and find another solid piece of furniture for the other side that you can move close enough to your counter.

You can use a small table or anything else you can find.

I used to use a step ladder myself.

You can then place a few books on the ladder or table so that it matches the height of your counter to make your hands even.

Once you’re set up you now have an extremely solid dip station that you can use anytime.

3) Straight Dips On A Sturdy Table

The last two methods we talked about both involved our hands being at our sides but there is another way to do it.How to do Dips at Home Without a Dip Bar

You can also do dips by having a straight bar in front of you which you then use to do a motion that seems similar to a push up except your arms have to support your whole weight without your feet touching the floor.

In order to do this at home you can simply use a sturdy table to hold your weight.

This is not easy to do but it is a great exercise.

Place your hands on the front of the table and lift yourself off the ground using the table to hold your weight through your arms and hands.

Then proceed to lift yourself up and down to do your dips.

Once again, make sure that you’re using a sturdy table that can hold all of your weight.

4) Dips Using A Pair Of Gymnastic Rings

How to do Dips at Home Without a Dip Bar

Now, gymnastic rings are not exactly a common household item but because they have so much more utility than a dip station I put them on my list.

With a pair of gymnastic rings you can do not only dips but also pull-ups, chin-ups, and many other conditioning exercises plus they’re easy to fold up and put into storage when not in use.

Doing dips with rings is also a serious workout as you have to engage a whole host of stabilizing muscles throughout your body in order to keep your arms and body pointed in the direction you want.

In order to do dips with gymnastic rings you first have to attach the rings to the frame or hooks above you.

Afterwards, go ahead and grasp the rings and begin doing dips as usual.

Just make sure that you take it slow and steady the first few times in order to allow your stabilizing muscles time to grow and get used to the new stresses they’re being put under.


As you can see there are many ways that you can do dips at home without the need for dip bars.

You can make your own dip station using:

  • Two strong chairs;
  • Your kitchen counter and a step ladder;
  • A solid table;
  • Gymnastic rings

All of these are great options which will work just as well as any set of parallel bars you’ll find in a gym.

Go ahead and give some of these a try and please let me know if I’ve left out any other good ways to do dips in the comments below.

Until next time; stay strong, healthy, and happy!